Orange, Orange, Orange! Get your orange on!

We Can Help to Deal with Grief and Sadness

Grief and sadness. Two emotions humans cannot get away from. Even the most "awakened & enlightened" of humans feel a sense of loss on occasion.

We learn from Sue & Simon Lilly's about color and gemstone healing that the color orange has a calming, uplifting affect on the mind & spirit during times of grief.

There are many ways to utilize this energy. Here are many you can start doing right away.

Wear orange clothing. The vibration, whether it can be seen or not, will help support a person in even the earliest stages of grieving. If you like the color orange, all the better. If you don't, wear it under other colors. Whether you can see it or not, the vibration will be working for you. Work it into your wardrobe as much as possible. Guys, orange t-shirts, underwear, ties, shirts, shorts, etc. Gals, go wild... accessories, bra, undies, shoes, camis, jewelry, there is no limit!

Of course it is not reasonable to wear oranges all of the time. Here are some other ideas that are inexpensive or free as well to try:

• Try putting a piece of orange cloth, felt or paper under your pillow or between your mattresses.
• Use an orange bedspread or sheets.
• Orange gemstones carried with you would be good.
• Buy orange flowers for your home.

• Make an effort to catch the sunrise or sunset each day, if it’s not cloudy.
• Eat orange foods, oranges, pumpkin, carrots, mango, and orange pop (not too much!)
• Paint a wall orange (any shade).

• Petting an orange animal.
• Even simply visualizing yourself surrounded by orange glowing light will energize your body, mind and spirit to help you through the process of grief in a healthy natural way.

Grief, make no mistake, is a part of being human (human being). We will, as is our nature, attach ourselves to things or people or animals. As we all become more aware that we do not have to become attached to the physical things in our lives to be complete, our times of grief will be come less often, and then only with very deep attachments such as to people or pets. As humans become more aware that everything is connected, in a body or in the spirit, through the Universal Energy, we will be able to grieve less at the loss of someone’s body. Notice it will be less; as long as we are conscious in a human body we are bound to feel a bit of grief at some time.

Happily, with the help of different energy management tools, we are able to help ourselves through the grief emotion/energy in a healthy, productive way.