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How to Use a Fragrance Diffuser/Warmer and Mist Diffuser

To use a fragrance oil warmer:

1) Fill the dish ¾ full of water

2) Add 5-7 drops of your favorite fragrance oil

3) Turn the lamp on. Check the water level periodically and add more as needed.

4) You can also add more oil to freshen the scent if you are using your warmer for a long period of time.

5) Enjoy!

Every warmer is reusable. Just clean the dish out and add a different oil to change the scent. Any oil will work in these high quality warmers/plug-ins. You can also use melting wax or aroma crystals, anything that has fragrance.

To Use an Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser

1) Fill the resevoir to the "FULL" line of the tank
2) Add 5-7 drops of fragrance or essential oil
3) Turn on diffuser and enjoy. Refill as needed. Ultrasonic diffuser will shut off when water runs out.

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